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The key goal in company vision is for our hotel chain to be a market-leading brand in the top-category, trendy, lifestyle, Hungarian and Budapest city centre hotel sector. We hope to achieve our aim thanks to our extremely well-trained motivated and loyal employees, offering tailored services, and excellent professionally-managed teamwork. The emphasis is on maximally satisfying the wishes of guests and providing top-quality services. And all that is supplemented by flexible prices and a day-by-day pricing policy, coupled with strict sales management.

Our goals:

  • To maintain an impressive growth in the long term
  • To create a well-known and recognised hotel brand
  • To create further self-owned hotels and represent hotels managed by us on the market
  • To create responsible external and internal PR and develop an attentive, caring relationship with both our guests and employees.
  • To develop internal and external loyalty to our company by our guests and staff
  • To tailor individual solutions developed to an artistic level
  • To maximize revenue and optimize prices and occupancy rate through the use of the most advanced sales techniques
  • To have a regular competition management
  • To develop a professional, highly-qualified, pro-active staff that believes in our company philosophy and is well-motivated both internally and externally
  • To have an efficient, well organised, relationship between management and staff
  • To regularly track the feedback from our guests and when necessary building relevant changes into the operation of the hotels
  • To have awareness of details in all areas, by the integration of feedback from the monitoring in given areas during the implementation of plans.
  • To establish, develop and maintain strong long-term partnerships with  the regular guest, business traveller,  and tourist sectors and their appropriate  sales channels

In conclusion company aims to expand its portfolio from two hotels to at least four or five hotels within a few years and to develop the hotel chain with the most popular hotels in the Hungarian market.